Welcome to the “blogosphere”

photo-1493723843671-1d655e66ac1cDid you know that 47% of marketers say that blogging is the number one most important piece of their content strategy? This means that almost HALF of marketers prefer new employees to know the importance of proper blogging skills.

In my Writing for Marketing Communications course, at St. Lawrence College, my professor, Frank Armstrong, assigned us with the task of creating a blog post that reflects our feelings entering the “blogosphere”.

First, lets discuss some essential aspects of writing an effective blog:

  1. Aside from having a capturing title (unlike mine),  you want to make sure the body of your blog is easy to follow. You can ensure this by breaking the body into smaller paragraphs to help the reader easily digest the information. You can also do this by using different font faces such as bold, italics, and headings.
  2. DO NOT STEAL YOUR PICTURES! When creating a post, it’s great to use graphics. It’s more captivating to the reader when there is something they can glance at in order to connect the post to something relatable, or to just use a picture to add a pop of colour. There are many websites you can go to that provide copyright free graphics.
  3. Provide external and internal sources. These will be the hyperlinks that you see on websites. When you click these links they guide you to either a different site completely, or they will guide you to a different location on the same website. Doing this will provide the reader with more information.

Lets talk feelings and thoughts:

I’m excited to learn more about what will create an effective blog. I enjoy writing and I enjoy voicing my thoughts (my friends tell me I’m very opinionated). I’m looking forward to perfecting my skills and affectively using what I learn in this place my teacher calls the “blogosphere”, as well as using it in my future endeavours.

If you have any tips or tricks on how to create a captivating and successful blog, let’s hear them! Maybe I can even teach my teacher a thing or two (haha, I doubt it).

Thanks for reading.






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